Why Chaos Monkey Industries?

The Chaos Monkey on our logo is a derivative of Chaos Engineering Theory, or rather, the scientific theory of how things fail. So how does an engineering theory become the name of a safety product company?

Chaos Engineering can be thought of as the facilitation of experiments to uncover systemic weaknesses.

These experiments follow four steps:

  1. Start by defining ‘steady state’ as some measurable output of a system that indicates normal behavior.
  2. Hypothesize that this steady state will continue in both the control group and the experimental group.
  3. Introduce variables (chaos monkeys) that reflect real-world events like stepping on an upturned nail, walking on slippery surfaces or pitched roof, accidental cuts from tools, or handling sharp, harsh materials like plate glass or sheet metal.
  4. Try to disprove the hypothesis by looking for a difference in steady state between the control group and the experimental group.

The harder it is to disrupt the steady state, the more confidence you can have in the behavior of your system.  If a weakness is uncovered, you now have a target for improvement before that behavior manifests in the system at large.

As an industrial safety professional, much of Aaron’s job is dedicated to learning about industrial accidents and how things fail—oftentimes when the answer isn’t readily apparent.

When designing their safety products, Aaron and Randy took the same approach…make a design, throw a chaos monkey in the mix to disrupt the steady state, and see how long our products last. An industry mentor once told Aaron his spirit animal was a Chaos Monkey. It was a running joke for years, and now the mascot of Aaron and Randy’s most exciting venture yet!

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