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When we started Chaos Monkey Industries™,

we had one goal;

Make a kickass pair of work boots that no one else has.

The base requirements were simple. 

Our shoes needed to be something that would keep our toes from getting smashed all to hell.

They needed to be really comfortable to get us through the grind.

And above all else, they had to be a pair of boots that all our friends would see and say, “those are badass!”


In the process of creating our simple vision, we managed to create safety boots AND gloves that met all eight factors, which are mandatory for a successful product design.

Those eight factors are:


The damn things work! We created gloves and work boots that do what gloves and work boots should…protect your hands and feet.

The Chaos Monkey™ Classic work boots feature a steel toe and puncture resistant sole that is both slip and chemical resistant.

Our Chaos Monkey™ Gorilla Grip gloves are cut, impact, and chemical resistant.


When you are making a product primarily for yourself, you accept only the best!

We went back to the drawing board 37 different times when designing our gloves and work boots. We knew how we wanted our products to look, we knew how we wanted our products to function, and we knew how we wanted our products to feel.

Prototype after prototype was discarded until the vision we had in our heads was perfectly fitted to our hands and feet! The Chaos Monkey™ Classic work boots are constructed with full-grain leather and can come with the option of Kevlar™ laces.

Our Chaos Monkey™ Gorilla Grips are a ¾ rubber-coated, Kevlar™, poly-cotton blend that offers the best of both comfort and protection.


Several years ago, I started shopping for a pair of work boots. I wanted something unique—something I already had in my head. I wanted a pair of work boots with an iconic style.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) nobody made anything close to it. I called my buddy Randy up and asked him if he wanted in on a project with me. We went to work on the Chaos Monkey™ Classics that night. Halfway through the design process, we asked ourselves, why stop at work boots? The Chaos Monkey™ Gorilla Grips came next. Today, after several years of research and development, our products are ready for the global marketplace.


Field tests continue on our shoes and gloves. The first prototype of the Chaos Monkey™ Classics were delivered to our field testers 18 months ago—the first pair of Chaos Monkey™ Gorilla Grips, a month after.

Since then, our testers have worn the original models every day. The shoes have yet to develop a hole, or lose integrity in any part, due in part to our triple-stitch design. On average, our gloves have survived 7 months of work in glass fabrication plants, brickyards, construction sites and warehouses before developing a failure, and our products have only improved since then!


Comfort was my biggest criteria, and something we did not get right until halfway through the prototyping process. I don’t give a damn how good a shoe looks, if it’s not comfortable, I’m not buying it!

We are proud to say that the current line of Chaos Monkey™ Classics are among the most comfortable work boots we have ever worn. Our memory foam and honeycomb gel inserts help alleviate everything from shin splints to sciatica. 

Our Chaos Monkey™ Gorilla Grips offer the best of protection and dexterity, and the rubber coating helps insulate hands against vibrating equipment.


We link security to longevity. Once you have owned one of our products, you will feel secure in both Chaos Monkey’s™ level of safety and comfort.

Not to mention the feeling you get when you realize you have bought a quality product that will work and play as hard as you do!


The first comment we get about our gloves and our work boots is exactly what we hoped for… “Dude, those are badass!” The second question is always a combination of “Where can I get a pair?” and “What do they cost?”

We had a price point in mind…but too high, nobody bites, too low, and people don’t believe in the quality of the product. We ran our products and price points past a handful of market researchers. Their reply was unanimous…”Your products are good. Your price points are too low.”

The suggested MSRP from the market researchers ranged from $199.99 to $239.99.

To hell with those guys. The national average for boot reimbursement by employers is $150. If that is the most our country’s employers are willing to pay to protect our workforce, then by damn we aren’t going to nickel and dime our hard working customers.

The Chaos Monkey™ Classics are available at $149.99, and the Chaos Monkey™ Gorilla Grips can be purchased for $29.99.


Laugh if you want at this, but every word of it is true. While California is in a panic over cow fart emissions, we at Chaos Monkey Industries™ are doing our part to protect the environment with our full-grain COW leather uppers. If cow farts are destroying the environment, we’re fighting back by killing the cows!

Not to mention, all of our products are constructed with longevity in mind. We want you coming back to us for your work boots and gloves…but not too often. The longer our products last, the less waste is produced by trashed gloves and work boots, and by the emissions necessary by any factory or plant to produce more products.


We started with the vision of a safety boot unlike any other, but our ideas for better safety products continued to expand. We’ve already added safety gloves, soon we’ll also have additional styles of gloves, + hard hats, safety glasses, and hearing protection.

Check out our current selection of products below:


Chaos Monkey™ Classic work boots feature:

  • Steel Toe
  • Puncture Resistant Sole
  • Slip & Chemical Resistant Sole
  • Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Kevlar™ Puncture Resistant Midsole
  • Memory Foam & Honeycomb Gel Inserts
  • Optional Kevlar™ Laces
  • ASTM Standards

This safety shoe is unlike any on the market. It’s comfort, style and quality stand out in the industry. You’re gonna want a pair!

Chaos Shoes Name Changed

Chaos Monkey™

Gorilla Grip Gloves

IMG_5957 (1)

Cut, Impact,

& Chemical Resistant


¾ Rubber-coated, Kevlar™, Poly-cotton Blend

Offers the Best of Both Comfort & Protection


The Next Evolution of Industrial Safety

We Are The Style of Safety

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